Tips for Buying a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Fifth wheel toy haulers are considered to be one of the most convenient towable recreational vehicles for their ability to transport vehicles and other large items. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who likes to have access to your ATVs, UTVs, and other powersports vehicles on your journeys, these fifth wheels will surely meet your camping needs. Before you cash in on a new rig though, there are some considerations you’ll need to make. Our fifth wheel toy hauler buying tips and tricks below will help you cut through all the unnecessary options so you can find the perfect camper.


One of the primary considerations you should make when shopping for a fifth wheel toy hauler is the size. These rigs contain storage areas to accommodate powersports vehicles of different sizes, which means you’ll need to have an accurate measurement of the items you plan on transporting. It’s best to add the total square footage of these items in order to know which models will be most suitable for your needs. Size can also play a role in the cost of your fifth wheel, which is why it’s best to get an accurate estimate of the storage space required before purchasing. Having this information will help you spend less time at the dealership and more time enjoying your camper as soon as possible.


Once you’ve determined how much space you need, you can transition to comparing different prices for the available toy haulers you’re interested in. As mentioned, size has a direct relation to the amount of money you may need to spend on buying a fifth wheel toy hauler. Researching prices ahead of time can help you determine where you stand and whether you need more time to save up for the model that’s most compatible with your requirements. This can also direct you to other purchasing options, like financing or buying a pe-owned model instead of a new one, which tends to be the more affordable option.


When it comes to your driving and camping experiences, the manufacturing of your fifth wheel toy hauler will have a big impact. Every manufacturer seeks to design different models that can cater to the numerous preferences of the market. This means the floor plans, amenities and other characteristics of your unit will depend heavily on the manufacturers. Spending some time researching what different brands have to offer is a great way to weed out the fifth wheel toy hauler options that may not be a right fit for you. This can be a key step that helps you identify the best match for you.

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